New Name .Lame look

Hi. My name is Susanmenon. Call me Susan. I just born today. After Bainun thinks that the name of Bainun is too much preasuring.
No more Ben or Bainun or Waheeda.Just Susan.

Susan loves to meet you guys. thanks. :))

About Susan

She so fucking sellfish. She dont even care about all the fucking things happen around her. She dont care about all rumours that turning on her. Thats all so bullshit things. But once she get red and burn. You'll watch out !!. Susan also Love party thing. Yes she is. Free to invite her to your Private party.She'll be there.And dont try to make her annoyed with you. She can do more than u think she can and thats so true.

ok what else you want to know about her. Free to ask .No 'tanpa nama or anonymous.



Ok!that so really crap kan! hahaha..ok . Im still Bainun .No worries. . Bainun is just trying to build new person but she know she cant be anyone else except Bainun ,Bainun Waheeda and Ben.

but the same things bainun and susan is that they dont like to give toooooo many chance to people on whatever purpose. Like we care!!

thats all. I just wanted to whoo here. Off bye,

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  1. hey susan..hihihi..
    cumey la nme tuh..tp klu nk panggey susan ko kne cam ladies2 skit..hihihi

  2. dyou like fellatio, susan? :)


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